About Waterville Valley Music Center

The Waterville Valley Music Center is based in Waterville Valley and works closely with the residential and business communities. Several Waterville Valley residents have served on our board.

Waterville Valley is a unique community in a beautiful, natural setting featuring golf, hiking, skating, skiing, swimming and tennis. By sharing our love of music, we seek to enhance the enjoyment of the Valley for residents and visitors, and to encourage others -- students, parents, performers, music lovers -- to discover and partake in the attractions offered by Waterville Valley. The Music Center is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization which attracts financial support from within and outside Waterville Valley.

David Segal, President
Hanna Lachert and Yuval Waldman, Artistic Directors
Ryan Rump, Executive Director

Board of Directors:

Sally Fillmore
Dorothy Highland
Hanna Lachert
David Sullivan
Yuval Waldman